Working time management


Working time management is an essential element in the management of any organisation



  • Better follow-up of working hours
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Equity between employees

Faced with the legal and administrative complexity of working time management, Kelio time and attendance management software is designed to provide HR Managers with solutions that are tailor-made for their issues.

  • Economic activity depends on employees being present: opening hours for all sites that receive the public, production capacity for manufacturing sites, etc.
  • Salary costs represent a major part of organisations' costs.

Working time management issues

  • Working schedules: fixed, variable, team, cyclic, night and weekend schedules.
  • Working time: legal limits, collective conventions, local agreement, annualised hours, part time working.
  • Break times: paid, unpaid, conditional duration breaks.


Case Study

"We wanted the system to provide us instant time and attendance data for payroll. Since we've installed Bodet's solution, you can see the overall number of hours worked quickly ."Marion Vickers, Payroll Administrator.

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