Time and attendance management on smartphone


With the Kelio Intranet Mobile application, time and attendance management is possible on Smartphone for mobile staff

Smartphone clockin in Kelio mobile Smartphone-clocking-in Smartphone-clocking-in-Geolocation


  • Thanks to geolocation, you know exactly where the employee clocked in.

Kelio Intranet Mobile is an application that complements the Kelio time and attendance management software.
The application is certified on Android®, BlackBerry® and Apple®.

Kelio Mobile for employees

This working time and attendance management application on Smartphone enables mobile employees to:

  • Declare their working time for the acknowledgement and payment of the hours they work.
  • Indicate their activities to monitor the tasks they carry out.
  • Indicate their cost centres (section, account, customer, etc.) for assignment to accounting.
  • Create absence requests.
  • Check their clocking in data and balances (annualised hours, holiday, seniority leave...).

Kelio Mobile for managers

With Kelio Mobile, managers can:

  • Manage attendance times for his team. Kelio Mobile enables your team leaders to record their team's attendance, activity or cost centre.
  • Validate his team's absence requests. Smartphone means flexibility and time saving for validators.


Case study

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"With Kelio Mobile, everyone can check his working time, make absence requests or consult its leave planning from his Smartphone." It Manager Florian Dussoulier.

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