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Time & Attendance management software

Ensure regulatory compliance and optimise your workforce management with Kelio software!

Managing legal risks, optimising resources, fostering good labour relations: time and attendance management is an increasingly important issue for Human Resources departments.


The features of an effective Time & Attendance management software solution

Bodet Software's Kelio Workforce management systems provide essential features for managing human resources, with an intuitive approach centred on usage and users.

Kelio is an applications suite composed of add-on modules, providing an effective response to the requirements of HR departments, offering numerous features such as:

Personnel administration Personnel administration

  • Management of employee files
  • Tracking of training logs, jobs, skills and careers, using the HR Assistant module

Monitoring working times Monitoring working times

  • Clocking of working time on terminal, computer or smartphone
  • Retrospective declaration of attendance time, in hours or durations
  • Management of fixed day rates by indicating attendance and declaring rest periods
  • Real-time monitoring of completed and estimated working hours
  • Real-time monitoring of absent/present employees
  • Management of different contract types: full-time, part-time, temporary, etc.
  • Management of different completed and estimated accounts: overtime, night hours, Sunday working, bonuses, annualised hours, etc.
  • Management of different schedule types: fixed, variable, annualised, cyclic, etc.
  • Management of rest times and break times

Management of absences and leave Absence management

  • Management of absences and leave
  • Management of assignments

Management of job costing and time spent Job costing management

  • Job costing management
  • Analytical monitoring

Staff planning Planning

  • Planning management
  • Planning with constraints

HR management Management of working time and control

  • Real-time alerts
  • Reporting and standard or customisable reports


The applications suite that addresses your requirements for time and attendance management in the workplace

Time & Attendance management software

With over 30 years of experience in developing HR and time and attendance management software, in addition to manufacturing clocking terminals, Bodet Software is well placed to offer a solution that:

  • Addresses the issues in numerous business sectors, whatever your collective bargaining agreement and organisation (company, administrative body, association, etc.)
  • Suits organisations of all sizes (from microbusinesses to corporate accounts)
  • Adapts to suit different professions and constraints, thanks to its flexible and customisable configuration
  • Keeps in pace with the future development of the organisation (site openings, internationalisation, etc.).

Designed in partnership with HR representatives, the Kelio software products provide a user-friendly replication of the actual workings of an HR department, and can be adapted to suit different working methods.

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Time & Attendance management software and adherence to legislation

Workforce management software and adherence to legislation

Ensure HR regulatory compliance Ensure regulatory compliance with Kelio

The use of a working time management system allows companies and organisations to better control their risk in terms of compliance with employment legislation. Effectively, employers have a duty to produce the relevant documentation for monitoring working times. If they fail to do so, both they and their employees could incur heavy damages in the event of a dispute.

The reliable and unfalsifiable nature of the Kelio software solutions allows for improved traceability and impartiality in the management of statutory working times, overtime hours, break times, etc. The Kelio solution covers all this data, allowing you to produce the relevant legal documents and to alert users in the event of any anomalies or time excesses.

The software can also take into account specific issues in terms of time and attendance management in multi-company, multi-site and multi-agreement organisations. By following the specific criteria of your own collective bargaining agreement or corporate agreements, Kelio helps you to reduce the risk of potential disputes.

In its capacity as data processor, Bodet Software is fully committed to respect the obligations of the GDPR. Great care is taken to respect the security of personal data.

attendance management

A simpler way to manage attendance

Kelio Time & Attendance management software provides a straightforward way to calculate and manage your staff working times, regardless of your work organisation.
Kelio software takes all schedule types into account:

  • Weekly schedules
  • Variable schedules
  • Cyclic schedules or shift patterns
  • Annualised hours or annualisation of working time
  • Management of fixed day rates.

Provide time and attendance management in all situations

Kelio software provides solutions adapted to suit your management structure:

  • For organisations that use clocking data to determine time at work, the software automatically calculates overtime, special hours, bonuses, etc. All this data can then be transferred automatically to payroll to save time and avoid data input errors.
  • For organisations that do not use a clocking system, hours can be calculated on the basis of the contracted work duration. Depending on how absenteeism is processed, attendance monitoring is kept compliant with all regulatory aspects.
  • In terms of managing fixed day rates, executive staff are able to indicate their attendance and state their compliance with their rest time requirements with a one-click action on their smartphone, PC or a Kelio Visio terminal. These declarations are not time-stamped, in order not to restrict the inherent freedom of executive staff to organise their working time.

Kelio software includes all the functions needed to monitor attendance time reliably and efficiently, with sophisticated optimisation of anomalies and alerts processing.

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Time & Attendance management software with absence monitoring

Integrate absence management into your work time monitoring

Aside from attendance time, our time and attendance management software calculates and integrates all different absence types: paid leave, RTT (reduced working time allowance), sickness, etc.
Kelio gives your employees full autonomy to view their accounts and to submit their requests.

The software calculates variable payroll data and offers you comprehensive monitoring of your organisation.

Preparation of payslips with the Kelio HR software

Reliable system for your payroll preparation

Kelio Workforce management system provides a simpler way to prepare your payslips. Kelio will calculate and automatically transfer the variable data related to work time (totals, absences, special hours, overtime, bonuses, etc.) to your payroll software. This means you can dispense with manual data input, which is time-consuming and a potential source of errors. Payroll calculation is faster and more reliable.

Our software is compatible with over 140 payroll applications, including those from the following software publishers: Sage®, ADP®, Cegid®, Sopra®, Sigma Informatique®, Nibelis®, Gestion de la paie.com, Talentia Software®, e-Paye, etc.

Optimise your working time organisation

In addition to checking work times, Kelio software allows you to:

  • Decentralise the monitoring of working times in complete security. You will enable your managers and employees to save time and will lighten the administrative workload of your HR staff so that they can focus their efforts on managing your human capital
  • Digitise your recurring tasks and validation processes (workflow)
  • Give your employees more autonomy to view their accounts, clockings and absence requests
  • Ensure fairer work distribution, for more serene labour relations
  • Benefit from an improved oversight – global and analytical – of your business activity, to better anticipate your requirements in terms of resources and to optimise your productivity: planning, management of assignments, simulated annualisation, use of temporary workers, etc.


Kelio – Time & Attendance management software for the workplace

Advantages of Kelio

  • Precise monitoring of working hours completed
  • Adherence to legislation
  • Confidentiality of data
  • Clocking-in/out on terminal, smartphone and computer
  • Management of fixed day rates for executive staff
  • Interface with over 140 payroll packages and ERP systems
  • Mobile version available


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