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How to optimise staff planning management

Planning management software and planning to requirements

Human resource planning and the organisation of work schedules are strategic issues for organisations faced with the need to manage irregular activity patterns and optimise their available resources whilst adhering to employment legislation.

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What is planning management?

Staff planning management or Human Resource planning within an organisation involves:

  • Organising employees' work; defining schedules and allocating tasks;
  • Optimising the human resources available for a role, according to everyone’s skills and availability;
  • Coordinating planning management between teams;
  • Managing contingencies and irregular activity patterns to avoid under-staffing or over-staffing.

whilst taking into account:

  • Production or department targets
  • Employment legislation (rest time, days worked, etc.),
  • Fairness between colleagues;
  • Individual expectations for a better work-life balance.


Planning management is essential to ensure efficiency and continuity of service in companies where staff coordination is essential:

  • hospitals, clinics, biomedical laboratories, nursing homes, health centres;
  • restaurants;
  • cleaning companies;
  • call centres, service centres;
  • road haulage companies;
  • shops employing sales staff and cashiers;
  • continuous production factories;
  • etc.


Although often used in companies, personnel management via Excel poses numerous issues, wastes time and increases the risk of errors:

  • Multiplication of schedules between teams;
  • Manual, repetitive updating;
  • No integration of production targets, leave and absences, or planning constraints, etc.

Planning software, on the other hand, offers a centralised view of work organisation. Employees can be managed effectively by adjusting human resources to operating targets and by monitoring performance indicators.


Staff planning software

Efficient human resources planning with Kelio planning software

Kelio Planning software is a combined management tool for employee schedules, absences and activities. It perfectly aligns staffing levels, available skills and the planned workload, in compliance with employment legislation (rest time, maximum working time, etc.).

Kelio Planning software is easy to use, letting you optimise your work organisation thanks to its advanced functionalities:

  • Management of schedules, absences and leave;
  • Alerts in the event of non-compliance with legal and working time requirements;
  • Highly customisable display;
  • Automatic scheduling with multiple requirements;
  • Management of loans, replacements and temporary staff;
  • Monitoring of resources according to peaks in activity and highlighting of under and over-staffing;
  • Easy schedule distribution: via email, SMS, printouts, display in the employee’s personal area.
Planning management - Daily schedule

Visual and ergonomic staff planning

Create an accurate reproduction of your work organisation, with schedules that are easily customisable by users. Kelio Planning offers multiple options and display settings:

  • User-friendly and customisable workspace: wide choice of colours and icons;
  • Ergonomic functionality: copy and paste, grouped actions, drop-down planning templates, etc.
  • 100% web module for rapid display and greater user comfort;
  • Configurable timescale: team schedules displayed by year, month, week, day, hour;
  • Personalised filters on groups of employees to display on the staff schedule;
  • Modular display of work posts - by line, column or file - to represent each specific work organisation;
  • Highlighting of under and over-staffing in team schedules;
  • Customisable dashboards and printouts;
Staff planning compliant with regulations

Schedule management compliant with legal and contractual requirements

Safeguard your team schedules with Kelio Planning's alerts that inform you of non-compliance with legal requirements:

  • Maximum daily / weekly working hours;
  • Average weekly working hours over X weeks;
  • Minimum rest time between two work days.

Kelio Planning also lets you add alerts linked to your own internal regulations. You can put controls in place for:

  • Overtime hours, night hours, etc.
  • Annualised hours target.
  • Leave balance, reduced working time (RTT), etc.

These alerts can be set up as blocking or information only.

Shared hourly schedules updated in real time

Kelio staff planning software includes all your company’s schedules in a single database.

Team scheduling is therefore:

  • shared and accessed centrally by managers, employees and the HR department;
  • updated in real time, with integration of employee absences and leave;
  • simplified: staff loans and sharing are simplified and the workload can easily be distributed between employees and temporary staff.

Unlike personnel management on separate departmental Excel© tables, the shared Kelio schedule gives you an overall, up-to-date view of your work organisation.


Leave, time clocking, fairness: centralise all your data on your Kelio personnel schedule

The Kelio Planning module includes all the functions of the Time Management calculator, enabling managers to monitor all their organisation’s counters in real time. From their schedule, they can view:

  • Individual and collective time counters;
  • Alerts and anomalies to ensure employee fairness;
  • The impact of employee absences and leave on needs per work post (leave can be managed using Microsoft Outlook©);
  • Discrepancies between hours scheduled and hours completed.
optimise the allocation of human resources

Identify under-staffing and over-staffing more easily

By making it easier to handle under-staffing and over-staffing situations, Kelio Planning lets you optimise human resources allocation to fulfil the planned workload:

In the case of under-staffing:

  • Search for available internal resources and similar skills;
  • Request temporary resources from Kelio Planning, using a form sent to the Human Resources department or to temping agencies;
  • Management of temporary staff.

In the case of over-staffing:

  • Availability of staff from other company departments;
  • Rest planning for employees.

How to prepare staff schedules easily

Kelio Planning can be used to:

  • Easily replicate typical weekly schedules;
  • Propose automatic calculation of resources needed, according to activity variables included in the tool or imported from external databases (quantities to produce, previous year’s targets, number of orders to ship, etc.).
  • Build various preparatory schedules with no real impact on staff, before selecting the final schedule;
  • Generate automatic planning suggestions: the software places available employees into work posts in order to cover the requirements, taking into account any priority concepts, legal obligations and requirements identified for the posts (e.g. required skills, priority employees, unauthorised employees, etc.). This planning suggestion can be adjusted before it is applied.

I'd like to monitor my different counters in real time

Optimised planning to requirements

To fulfil optimised planning requirements specific to certain industries such as mass retail, call centres or catering, Bodet Software has formed a partnership with Holy-Dis, a French software publisher specialised in workforce management solutions, offering a suitable solution that uses a transparent, native interface between Kelio and Planexa® or Timesquare®.
This interface offers unified management of scheduling and attendance time by avoiding data re-input.

Planning optimisation using Planexa®:

  • Administration of activity data.
  • Creation of schedules suited to footfall or activity.
  • Adherence to legal requirements.

Simplified clocking using the Kelio solution:

  • Collection of working time via clocking terminal.
  • Management of time-limited breaks.
  • Viewing of personal results (balance, absence balance, and so on).

Would you like to increase your productivity during the planning creation process?

Kelio - Human Resource Planning

Kelio's advantages

  • Fully web-based solution
  • Three customisable activity planning levels: tasks / cost centres / projects
  • Planning of working hours, absences, work posts, activities, projects, etc.
  • Real-time alerts
  • Highly customisable reports and printouts
  • Loans, replacements and resources available
  • Viewing by the day, half day, one-third day, hour-to-hour
  • Easily shared schedules: print, email, SMS


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