Job costing management

Job costing

Job costing monitoring with Kelio

job costing management: declaration job-costing-clocking-in


  • Complete integration with Kelio time management
  • Task planning
  • Evaluation of times with cost calculation

By tracking the breakdown of hours worked by activity, department, cost centre, project or client, you can set up effective cost accounting to enhance your organisation and analyse your profitability.

Kelio offers activity entry possibilities to employees or managers:


The Kelio job costing management software may be used to complement the personnel time and attendance management offer.

Combined with Kelio HR planning software, Kelio Analytics enables you to organise and display personnel allocation on clear, simple schedules.


Case Study

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"When schedules are being drawn up, each employee is allocated tasks and/or events, and the time devoted to an event is automatically added up.By conducting this analytical accounting, we are able to calculate the profitability of each event." General Secretary, Bruno Villaverde.

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