HR Intranet - virtual clocking


Kelio Intranet, decentralising administrative tasks

HR intranet: planning


  • Features accessible on the Kelio Touch terminal
  • Decentralisation of some administrative duties
  • Employees and managers involvement

The decentralisation of time and attendance and human resources requires the implementation of Kelio Intranet for the employees and the managers.

The Kelio Employee Self-Service features are accessible on computers, touch terminals, smartphones or tablets.

Staff interface: the personnal workspace

From Kelio Intranet, employees may:

  • Clock in real time: attendance, business leave, break, beginning and end of their job, etc. from their browser on a virtual clocking in machine.
  • Submit absence and business leave requests: with prior warning / freeze mechanism if organisation rules are not respected (for example: they cannot make an absence request if the absence balance does not cover it)
  • Consult their personal information: holiday balance, anomalies, lateness, bonuses, overtime, work schedule, team's absence calendar, monthly clocking in report, etc.
  • Declare attendance times and activities: allow your employees to declare their clocking times before they are validated by their managers.
  • Consult and modify their personal data: change of address...

Manager interface: the manager workspace

With Kelio Intranet, managers may:

  • Validate their team's absence requests
  • Monitor and approve activity declarations
  • Consult those absent/present: at any time, managers can find out the attendance status of their personnel.
  • Consult their team's information and results: absence forecast, attendance and absences schedules, anomalies, balances and so on.
  • Receive email alerts: in order to improve reactivity in the processing of their team's requests or to be alerted of anomalies, managers can automatically receive emails into their Inbox to events related to their team in case of absence or leave request, clocking omission or anomalies, absence balance exhausted, unjustified absence, too much overtime...


Case study

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"Managers can plan more easily and can better anticipate replacements. They have all the information to hand to validate or reject requests for leave, according to the activity flow and the planned absences." Catherine VIRLOIRE, Head of Compensation and Social Benefits.
"We had consulted several Time and Attendance specialists. Kelio was the best solution to correctly meet our goals." Project Manager, Aurélie Nucci.

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