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Give your staff a self-service HR system that decentralises job costing processes

Kelio Intranet is a solution designed to save time in your HR departments, engage your staff and give manager responsibility on a daily basis.

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Help your staff to manage their job costing tasks with more autonomy

Digitise your job costing processes

With Kelio Intranet, staff and managers can monitor absence requests, input attendance and activities, track administrative tasks and share information. These efficient, customisable tools, streamline your day-to-day processes.

Tracking working time

  • Real-time clocking: attendance, external assignements, breaks
  • Real-time clocking viewing (day, week, month or year)
  • Viewing of individual results: leave balances, credit / debit, anomalies, late arrivals, bonuses, overtime, work schedule
  • Real-time attendance notification for managers or equivalent to manage their daily rates
  • Attendance declaration with monitoring of rest time and calculation of daily rates
  • Clocking correction requests to limit anomalies
  • Validation management for declarations or correction requests on one or more levels
  • Process management for validation or transfer of accounts

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Steer your HR processes using Kelio's HR Employee Self-Service

Monitoring absence requests

  • Absence and leave requests with warning / denial if organisational rules are not followed (e.g. submitting an absence request when the absence balance is insufficient)
  • Customisable workflow on one or more levels according to absence types
  • Option to link supporting documents (sick leave, family event, etc.) to an absence
  • Absence synchronisation possible with different email calendars : Outlook, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes
  • Viewing of individual planning or departemental schedule in real time
  • Monitoring of requests submitted and their status (validated, pending, denied) with alert by email or dashboard
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Access your job costing management via the HR Intranet

Tracking activities

  • Real-time activity clocking with customisable input interface
  • Activity time declaration (as a duration, percentage or period)
  • Tracking screen for declaration progress with manager approval
  • Analytical tracking of hours worked by projects, tasks, cost centres, clients.
Monitoring of personal data

Monitoring of personal data

  • Viewing staff file (in line with GDPR requirements: General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Direct modification by the employee of certain data on the HR Intranet to update their indvidual file (change of address, phone number, etc.).

The benefits of a staff self-service system 

The Kelio Intranet self-service page gives your staff more autonomy:

  • Individual information and results are available, in real-time, in a simple and easy-to-view format
  • The speed of data exchange and workflows is highly responsive
  • The data and processes are dependent on the profile and customisation by each employee to adapt the feature to their individual situation (manager, non-manager, mobile, staff, etc.)
  • Self-service access by PC, tablet, smartphone or touchscreen terminal. Multi-device setup, so staff can view their accounts or submit their absence requests without consulting the HR Department or their line manager
  • Secure deployment in SaaS mode with 24/7 access.

Managerial advantages of decentralised job costing

improve the productivity of your managers Improve your managers' productivity

The Kelio Intranet module has been designed to help managers improve transparency and productivity. Some of its practical aspects:

  • Managers use an email alert mechanism and dashboards to prioritise their management tasks
  • At any time, managers can see who is present, absent, or working off site, and find out what tasks or projects they are working on
  • From their own workspace, managers can see the requests submitted by employees and can act quickly to validate, deny or mark them as pending
  • End-to-end process digitisation removes the need to re-input data and reduces errors
  • Digitisation of managerial tasks increases productivity, freeing up time for other activities with greater added value.

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Kelio - HR Intranet - HR Self-Service

 Kelio's advantages

  • Reliability of results and real-time updates
  • Complete process digitisation
  • Increased managerial responsibility and staff autonomy
  • Control and adaptability of user profiles
  • Improved cross-company communication
  • Direct impact on company's social environnement with more consideration of staff expectations
  • SaaS mode, high availability and service guarantee


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