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How to run Time & Attendance and Job Costing management

Equip your company with a secure, reliable tool to monitor your employees more easily

Bodet Software's HR software and clocking terminals for time and attendance management provide reliable monitoring of your employees’ attendance times, absences and activities. These solutions allow you to achieve a balance between adherence to legal obligations, manager performance and employee satisfaction.



What is Time & Attendance management?

Time & Attendance management involves all the processes of monitoring and checking working times within an organisation. This includes: 

  • Monitoring the working time or attendance time of staff
  • Management of absences and leave
  • Monitoring activity time
  • Planning and organisation of working time.

Workforce management impacts all organisations, both public and private, in all business sectors, regardless of the staffing levels involved.
Time and attendance management is now a major issue for HR departments as it allows an organisation to comply with its legal obligations and to streamline its organisational management of personnel in order to make efficiency gains and to support well-being in the workplace. It requires diligent monitoring of a number of indicators.

Adopting a time and attendance management solution is the effective way to digitise a large number of sensitive processes within the organisation.

HR Time & Attendance management within an organisation

What is the purpose of Workforce management system?

Initially used as a basic tool for monitoring attendance times, workforce management software products have since moved towards the optimisation of human resources by providing tools for assistance with planning, activity profitability analysis and collaborative solutions for absence management.
Time and attendance management software generally addresses these four objectives:

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance: adherence to employment legislation in terms of duration and organisation of working time, achieved through automated checks, centralised processes and digitised administrative tasks.
  • Safeguarding the collation of variable payroll items: the software guarantees secure, reliable results to facilitate payroll preparation. It also obviates the need for manual data entry, a potential source of errors.
  • Improving work organisation: by digitising a large number of processes, the software streamlines process management and increases the flexibility of your organisation. It makes it easier to distribute tasks and working time fairly, and affords employees a degree of oversight and autonomy in their work.
  • Providing analytical monitoring of the activity: by qualifying working time by activity, project, cost centre, customer or any other distribution factor, you can improve analytical performance monitoring within your organisation.

The return on investment of a workforce management solution is very rapid; thanks to the automation of many time-consuming HR administrative tasks, you will gain in profitability within just a few months of use. Such optimised performance contributes directly to an improvement in the labour relations climate. HR administrators are then able to dedicate their time to tasks with greater added value. The aim is thereby centred on optimising your human capital.


How do you choose the right Time & Attendance management solution?

It is vital to choose well when considering which software to implement for managing your human resources. Certain selection criteria are of key importance:

  • The set-up capacity of the software for alignment with your management procedures. Regardless of its size, each individual organisation has its own specific legal context and practices. The tool must therefore be capable of adapting to suit your own organisation and its future development. The set-up of your chosen solution must therefore be controllable by your HR administrators and adaptable so that it remains capable of producing reliable data over time.
  • Ergonomics: the user experience must be optimum in order to guarantee ease of use for employees and managers alike. The actions must be simple and convenient to carry out, so that the solution is easily adopted by your staff.
  • The integration capacity of the software in terms of payroll systems, ERP, and openness to other systems, in order to be able to interface seamlessly with your existing IT system.

Setup according to your requirements


Integration with your IS

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The result of five years of R&D and €5 million of investment, the Bodet Software workforce management systems meet all these criteria. They will bring you foresight, efficiency and responsiveness, thanks to their numerous features. These solutions will allow you to comply with legal obligations (management of work durations in line with your collective bargaining agreement, overtime hours, rest times, etc.) and to cope with the demands of productivity and efficiency within your organisation, while keeping labour relations on an even keel.

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