Human resource planning


Simplify work organisation and staff planning with Kelio Planning

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  • User-friendly planning workspace
  • Customisable reports
  • Planning optimisation

Kelio schedule management software enables you to optimise your human resource allocation, by providing effective support in planning employees'hours of attendance, absence, leave and work.

Easy-to-use schedule management

Kelio Planning offers a whole host of options for displaying schedules, to suit your way of operating:

  • Full HD screen schedule display
  • Adjustable schedule timescale (by year, month, week, day, hour and minute).
  • Choice of schedule display period.
  • Filtering of the population to be displayed.
  • Creation of performance indicators calculated in real time.
  • Choice of records to be printed.


Decentralised schedule management

Kelio centralises all schedules in a single database, but allows access for managers, planners and the HR department in a decentralised manner. This avoids the use of disparate tools by individuals and company departments.

In this way, the HR department can monitor the schedules drawn up by line managers.


Schedule management which takes legal constraints into account

Legal rules and time and attendance management conventions are applied to all schedules created by Kelio. Alerts notify you in the event of non-compliance with:

  • Daily/weekly/maximum working hours.
  • Average working hours per week over X weeks.
  • The annual overtime quota.
  • Target annual working hours/adaptation of working hours.
  • Leave remaining, reduction in working hours, etc.
  • Minimum rest time between two shifts.


Case Study

Centre International de Deauville
We chose Bodet Software because of its reputation and because we could adapt the Kelio solution to our organisation, needs and specific collective agreement."General Secretary, Bruno Villaverde.
Alain Afflelou
"The Kelio solution met our expectations perfectly, and Bodet Software had the expertise needed to respond to our various needs ." HR Performance Manager, Wilfrid Dusseaux.

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