Staff planning

Staff Planning

Human resource planning is a key factor in organisations' performance

The impacts of human resource planning are numerous

  • Financial impact: human resource planning contributes to an increase in productivity, enabling a better match-up between requirements and the available resources.
  • Company impact: human resource planning contributes to generating staff loyalty by enabling advance communication to employees, helping them to combine their professional life and private life.
  • Commercial impact: human resource planning contributes to service quality (queue reduction) and so commercial performance.
  • Legal impact: human resource planning helps you to respect legal and conventional constraints as decisions are anticipated.


To meet these issues, the Kelio software suite offers planning management applications

Our human resource planning solutions let you allocate the human resources you need and avoid under- and over-staffing levels.

You can also easily manage working time plannings andleave and absence plannings.


Planning management
Planning management

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