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User training is a vital step in ensuring that your employees are ready to take ownership of the Kelio software.

Bodet Software has developed an effective and recognised training process, taking into account the specific context of your own organisation.

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The training of your users is a crucial step for the success of your HR or access control project

At Bodet Software, we believe that your users should be independent in being able to use and configure their software tools.

Autonomy of use is essential in order for your organisation to remain in step with constant change and developments:

  • to your organisational structure: new work schedules, organisational changes, etc.,
  • to your collective agreements,
  • to employment legislation,
  • to regulations: to the GDPR, security requirements, etc.,
  • to your buildings: new site openings, renovation of premises, etc.

This is why Bodet Software pays particular attention to user and administrator training.
Skilled, autonomous users will be competent in using all the functions of the Bodet Software solutions, allowing for significant gains in productivity and a rapid return on investment.

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A sequenced learning pathway that allows you to reach your professional objective

Kelio software user training follows a comprehensive learning pathway, aimed at:

  • Kelio software administrators: training on how to set up of schedules, configure user rights, define workflows, administrate employees, etc.
  • users in HR or other sections: operational processing, tracking anomalies, compiling reporting, etc.

In advance of the training, the software is installed and a functional audit is conducted, which allows the training provider to adapt the training to your needs by referring to specific cases and the unique characteristics of your organisation.

Different training packages are available:

  • Standard training: a set of standard courses to provide your users with the essential knowledge for optimal administration of the Kelio solutions.
  • Customised training made to measure: variable training options for a programme adapted to your needs.

The training sessions range from a half-day to several days, according to your organisational structure and your requirements.

Bodet Software offers various training methods:

  • On-site training: a training provider comes to your organisation to carry out dedicated training.
  • Virtual classes: a training provider trains you remotely in real time.
  • E-learning: self-training while connected to the Bodet Academy online training platform.

To adapt to your individual learning pace and needs, Bodet Software can set up a “blended learning” training plan for you that combines these different teaching formats.

Bodet Academy: the e-learning training platform for Bodet Software solutions

Bodet Academy: the e-learning training platform for Bodet Software solutions

The Bodet Academy platform allows users of Bodet Software solutions to train themselves autonomously, at their own pace, via e-learning training modules:

  • Kelio administration
  • Remote working in Kelio

Quizzes and specific scenarios throughout the training modules allow users to put their acquired skills into practice and reinforce their knowledge.

The e-learning training is recommended for quickly bringing new employees up to speed on working with Bodet Software solutions.

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Professional training providers, employed directly by Bodet Software

Bodet Software consultants are professional trainers, employed directly by the company. They are qualified in the installation, setup and functioning of the software as well as the teaching methods.

In order to guarantee the quality of the consultants, the internal training department at Bodet Software trains them regularly in:

  • The Kelio software,
  • Kelio Visio and Kelio Xtrem clocking hardware, and access readers and hardware (Kelio Pass, compatible readers, etc.),
  • Training-specific teaching methods.

Bodet Software consultant-trainers are well experienced, with a good awareness of issues relating to employment law and associated regulations.


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