Kelio software training

User training is a vital to ensure that your staff are ready to use Kelio software.

Bodet Software has developed an effective training process, taking into account your organisation's specific requirements.

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User training: a vital part of your project

At Bodet Software, we believe that your users should be able to use and configure Kelio software independently.

Autonomy of use is essential to ensure that your organisation can adapt to constant changes:

  • to your structure, such as new work schedules, organisational changes, etc.
  • your collective agreements
  • employment legislation
  • regulations : GDPR, security requirements
  • to your buildings : such as new sites, renovation of premises, etc.

This is why Bodet Software pays special attention to user training.
Skilled, autonomous users will be competent in using all the functions of the Kelio solutions, resulting in significant gains in productivity and rapid return on investment.

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kelio software training

Professional training providers, employed directly by Bodet Software

Bodet Software consultants are professional trainers, directly employed by the company. They are experts in Kelio software setup and training, guaranteeing perfect understanding of your installation and training appropriate to your specific requirements.

Bodet Software has developed its internal training department to ensure quality delivery by its consultants, who are regularly trained in:

  • Kelio software and IT systems
  • Kelio Visio clocking hardware and access readers and hardware (Kelio Pass, compatible readers, etc.)
  • Training-specific teaching methods.

Bodet Software consultant-trainers are experienced in and aware of issues relating to employment law and its regulations.

A well-structured learning pathway adapted to your requirements

Kelio software user training follows a comprehensive learning pathway, aimed at:

  • Kelio software administrators: setting up schedules, configuring user rights, defining workflows, etc.
  • users in HR or other sections: operational processing, tracking anomalies, compiling reports, etc.

Training takes place after the software has been installed. Your consultant-trainer carries out an initial audit and then provides training according to your specific scenarios and organisational structure.

Different training packages are available :

  • Standard training, to give users the keys to making the most out of Kelio solutions.
  • Bespoke training, including an initial telephone meeting with your consultant-trainer to decide on the relevant content and put together a customised training programme.

The training sessions range from a half-day to several days, desepending on your organisational structure and requirements.

over 5,000
training days delivered per year


30 years' expertise

International presence


Dedicated contact person

Proximity and availability


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