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Audit and assistance for your project

Dedicated teams to assist you with HR Management, Time & Attendance and Access Control projects

As a software publisher and integrator, Bodet Software assist you in auditing your requirements, rolling out your software and hardware solutions, and after-sales support

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Bodet Software - customer support services

Our customer support services

Using tried and tested methods, plus 30 years of expertise, our engineers, consultant-trainers, project managers and works managers put their skills at your service, to guarantee the success of your Time and Attendance management, Human Resources management and Access Control projects.

Bodet Software offers a range of services:

  • Functional and technical analysis
  • Production of design models
  • Assistance with functional setup
  • Hardware installation
  • Start-up support
  • Coordination of steering / users committee
  • Rollout monitoring with a project manager
  • Software user training
  • Telephone support and assistance

Audit and adaptation of Bodet Software solutions to your requirements

Kelio software is a modular solution that features different options adapted to your specific requirements.

Bodet Software sales engineers will help you identify your requirements and guide you towards the most suitable options:

  • Is there scope to optimise absence request or expenses processes in your organisation?
  • Do you want to improve management control by measuring the time your teams spend on different activities?
  • Do you need to have specific indicators in your planning tool?
  • Does your visitor reception reflect the image of a modern organisation?

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Setup and activation of your HR and Time and Attendance software: over 30 years' experience

Implementation of your HR solution is a critical stage in ensuring its serviceability and optimising your return on investment. It extends beyond mere technical aspects and involves supporting your teams in managing the changes brought about by new tools, while translating your processes into the software.

At Bodet Software, we have teams of consultants, based all over the country. Our consultants are employed directly by us, and specifically trained to assist you in the various solution implementation phases.

Bodet Software has developed two rollout methods, tried and tested over a number of years:

Supported rollout

This option implements your solution rapidly and efficiently, using fixed-price service packages to guarantee optimum return on investment.

  • Technical and functional audit
  • IT rollout
  • Installation and connection of clocking terminals
  • Customised software setup
  • Change management and training for administrators and users

Project mode rollout

This option guarantees tailor-made services, adapted to the specific features of your project. It is recommended for more complex organisational setup (multi-site, multi-cultural, large companies, etc.).

Project management, led by a qualified project manager, is based on a standardised approach in conjunction with our ISO 9001 certification, and may include up to seven stages.


Launch, presentation of project and teams

Suitability analysis 

Analysis and validation of technical and functional requirements


Installation, data transfer and setup


Knowledge transfer to administrators and users


Assistance with acceptance testing and assessment

Production launch

Assistance with production launch

Post-production monitoring

Project validation and closure

Installation of your access control system: a turnkey solution

Bodet Software – software publisher, manufacturer and installer – offers a turnkey access control system.
Installing an access system involves various trades (electricians, joiners, etc.) and overall management of the different project stages.
Our own specially-trained works managers and technician-installers will oversee your project.

Installation of your turnkey Access Control system

Supported by a network of approved contractors, our works managers monitore and coordinate on your behalf:

  • Electrical cabling
  • Installation of access equipment and obstacles such as barriers, tripods, turnstiles, etc.

Next, our technicians perform:

  • Installation and connection of access readers and concentrators
  • Management of auto controls
  • Installation of intercom systems
  • Full Kelio software setup
  • Administrator training

Bodet Software and our project management services, guarantee a fully operational access control system at the end of your project.

Technical support Bodet Software

Technical support

International technical support, based in France

Under your maintenance contract, Bodet Software provides an international telephone support service, based in Cholet, France.

With over 80 advisors speaking five languages, the service aims to:

  • Help users manage day-to-day operations
  • Help administrators modify the software setup rules
  • Resolve any technical issues
  • Help with functional and technical updates to Time and Attendance and access control software and hardware

As part of our ISO 9001 quality procedure, we:

  • Individually follow up each call received
  • Send a written report after each call
  • Have an average response time of less than five working hours, between submitting your support request and resolving your issue

Our advisers respond to calls of a highly technical nature and are able to reproduce the most complex scenarios on our test platforms.


Available, responsive support

There are two support packages:

  • Performance Formula: for comprehensive, expert support
  • Excellence Formula: for bespoke support by a dedicated contact person, with optimum response times

Via the online support module BSupport, you can submit support requests at any time of day, and our advisors will call you back during service opening hours. Much better than waiting on the phone!

Your satisfaction is our priority

In 2021, 95% of our customers said they were satisfied (6,624 responses) with the installations carried out and the training received. The hotline service has a satisfaction rate of 98,5% (7,944 responses).

International support centre six languages

International support in six languages

98% of customers satisfied with Bodet Software support and deployment

98,5% of customers satisfied with the telephone support service

103,000 calls per year

112,800 calls per year


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International presence
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