Monitoring our customers


France-based technical support

Under our maintenance contract you have unlimited access to our International telephone support centre. With over 55 staff and managing 6 languages it has the following missions: 

  • To help users with common management tasks.
  • To help administrators modify their setup rules.
  • To resolve any technical problems.
  • To guarantee time and attendance and access control hardware and software functional and technical updates. 


As part of our ISO 9001: 2000 quality process we set up: 

  • Personalised monitoring for each call received.
  • Despatch of a written report after each call.
  • 85,000 calls handled per year.
  • Average time between the initial call and issue resolution less than 3 hours. 

In 2016, 95% of our customers were satidfied with the installation (1846 questionnaires processed) and 96% were satisfied with after-sales support (7,704 questionnaires processed).

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