Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions for Trade & Retail

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The trade and distribution sector covers many complementary roles: cashiers, storekeepers, logistics experts, salesmen, departmental supervisors, store staff, butchers, bakers, administrative staff, etc. The meticulous organisation of everyone's work and hours is one of the key factors in the success of trade and distribution companies.


Kelio time and attendance management for trade and distribution

The result of tried and tested expertise, Kelio time and attendance management solutions satisfy the key requirements of the trade and distribution sector:

  • Schedule planning and Job Costing, observing legal constraints and/or the needs of individuals.
  • Management of absences.
  • Management of breaks.
  • Calculation of actual working time.
  • Interface between time and attendance management and Holy-Dis Planexa cashdesk schedule management.
  • Personnel administration: medical appointments, skills, careers, training, etc.


Access control for trade and distribution

In trade and distribution, it is important to secure access to sensitive areas such as stock rooms, offices, technical facilities, etc.

With Kelio access control solutions, locks and keys are replaced with swipe cards or key fobs which allow you to set personalised access rights by area and schedule.

You can also ensure a better welcome for your visitors, whilst monitoring their progress around your buildings: allocation of swipe cards granting restricted access rights, tracking of movements, etc.




Case studies

Mc Carthy
"We are very pleased with Bodet time & attendance system : all the premises that we were given about have been fulfilled. Kelio is intuitive and well designes."HR Manager Wendy Moss
Alain Afflelou
"The Kelio solution met our expectations perfectly, and Bodet SOftware had the expertise needed to respond to our various needs." HR Performance Mananger Wilfrid Dusseaux.
Domino's pizza
"We are delighted with the Bodet Software system. The benefits to us were immediate : Kelio automates time and attendance and meets my requirements as an owner, employer and manager." Manager Gilles Bourbigot.

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