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The commerce and distribution sector is comprised of many associated professions: cashiers, shopkeepers, logistics specialists, sales assistants, department managers, sales staff, butchers, bakers, administrative staff, etc. The rigorous organisation of tasks and schedules for each of the above is a key factor in the success of commerce and distribution organisations.

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Kelio Time and Attendance management for commerce and distribution

Based on extensive experience, acquired through numerous deployments, Kelio Time & Attendance management meet the main expectations of the commerce and distribution sector:

  • Management of schedule planning and activities in keeping with legal and/or particular constraints.
  • Management of absences and leave.
  • Management of breaks.
  • Calculation of actual working time.
  • Interface between Time and Attendance management and Holy-Dis’ Planexa cash planning management.
  • Staff administration: medical appointments, skills, careers, training, etc.

Access control for commerce and distribution

In commerce and distribution, there must be secure access to susceptible areas such as stores, offices and equipment rooms.

With Kelio access control solutions, you can replace your keys and locks with badges that can have customised access rights based on areas and schedules.

You can also achieve better visitor access while safeguarding their comings and goings on your premises: a badge can be assigned that gives restricted access rights, traceability of areas visited, etc.



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