Time and Attendance and Access control for Agri-food industry

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The food processing sector is subject to strong peaks of activity, resulting in widespread use of short-term, seasonal and temporary staff. Workgroups are also widespread in the sector.

To manage the multitude of different schedules and contracts, effective HR planning is key.


Optimising schedules

In order for production lines to operate, it is important to optimise employee schedules to ensure sufficient staffing levels. Kelio time and attendance management and planning software is invaluable when it comes to drawing up schedules which account for each individual's skills as well as the legislative rules to be observed.

Each employee can log their attendance using a clocking-in system which automatically calculates actual working time.

Kelio solutions can also be used to manage employee HR data (training, accreditations, careers, etc.), leave and working hours.


Secure your food chain

Protecting the food chain is a priority for food processing companies as they must ensure the safety of the food being produced.

The use of access control solutions allow access to factories, warehouses and laboratories to be monitored at all times:

  • Entry and exit control.
  • Access monitoring in real time.
  • Visitor management.




Case Study

Logo Eckes Granini
Eckes Granini has supplied Granini beverages for more than 40 years. The company has recently introduced the Bodet Kelio solution into its production and distribution sites in France which have over 270 employees.

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