Accefil chooses Bodet Software Time & Attendance solutions

Logo AccefilAccefil is a French call centre which employs today more than 150 workers. They assure the after-sales service and the management of the members' contracts.

As the workforce is inscreasing quickly, the management of the flexible hours and of the clockings was becoming too tedious. In this way, Accefil chose to install a Time & Attendance system. Kelio enables the employees to virtually clock in and facilitates the absence management and the monitoring of the annualised hours and the activities carried out. 

"We are really satisfied with our investment. Kelio is a solution that promises a lot of evolutions" explains Carole LAUNAY, Human Resources Manager

La Vie Claire chose Bodet Software Time & Attendance system

Logo La vie claireSince 1948, La Vie Claire is a firm specialised in organic products delivery, such as food, cosmetics and cleaning products. Today, the company owns 62 stores and 210 franchised stores which achieved a turnover of EUR 120 million in 2015.

Given its growth, La Vie Claire chose to install a Time & Attendance and planning solution in its logistics platform on SaaS mode.

Kelio Pro software and the clocking terminals Kelio Visio X7 enable to improve workforce planning. Indeed, this platform counts 110 operators who works in rotating shifts. The automation of Time & Attendance monitoring and the interface with the payroll software offer substantial time savings for the HR department.

"The Kelio solution is very user-friendly and enables us to save time, particularly on absence management. We also have a greater visibility on plannings, which enable us to better anticipate all employee absences" explains Frédéric Rouvier, Logistics Director Assistant.

LifeCare Residences uses Bodet Software Time & Attendance solutions

Battersea Place using Bodet Time AttendanceOur British subsidiary has installed Bodet Time & Attendance solutions in London's first luxury retirement village. 

Battersea Place, employs over 75 staff, who will now use our Kelio Visio X7 terminal to clock in/out, check their personnel record or read messages.

The management system provides highly accurate staff attendance report and will help automate many of the processes like payroll.

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Our Kelio solutions appeal to the banking sector abroad

Logo Bodet SoftwareAround twenty banks are already equipped with our Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions in Europe and Africa.

The recent Kelio Time & Attendance installations combined to Access Control in Gabon, in UGB (Gabonese Banks Union) via our partner in Libreville and in Cameroon, in CFC (Crédit Foncier du Cameroun) via our partner in Yaoundé, particularly show that the Bodet Software human resources solutions meet the needs of the banking institutions directors.

The managers appreciate the Kelio Employee Self-Service as well as the reliability and safety of our software data. The ease of use and the high tech aspect of our solutions are also really appreciated by the users.

Logo UGB                   Logo CFC

Presentation of the new Kelio V2 version to Export subsidiaries and distributors

Logo Bodet SoftwareThe Export Dpt organized some training sessions dedicated to our international partners as well as to Bodet subsidiaries and our distributors.

About fifteen nationalities were present in order to discover the new Kelio V2 software version and the new Visio X4 terminal. The export customers appreciate the tactile functions, the design and the evolution prospects of Bodet Software time and management solutions and access control systems.

On the occasion of their visit in Cholet, the participants were able to exchange with Bodet Software's Marketing, Training and Deployment teams about tools and methods in order to promote and install Bodet solutions to their end-customers abroad.

 Photo sortie export 2016


Logo Kelio Visio X7 actuImprove well-being and communication inside your company thanks to the two new apps available on the Kelio Visio X7 terminal.

The "Suggestion box" app will enable you to collect in a simple and modern way, all your employees' contributions regarding innovation or process improvements within your company.

Second novelty: the "Survey" app that allows you to quickly gather employee daily mood, opinion on the social climate or any other topic of your choice...

 Visio X7 app survey

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