Leave management: features for managers


Manage efficiently the leave of your employees

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  • Decentralisation of leave management to managers

  • More closely involvement of managers in administrative duties

Leave management can rapidly become a tedious task for managers who need to ask themselves a lot of questions before approving a leave request:

  • Have other employees already taken leave at the same time?
  • Is this person's leave balance sufficient to cover this leave request?
  • Is this person's leave possible during this period, taking into consideration estimated activity rates?
  • Have I already refused to grant this person's request for leave?
  • In order to help managers take the right decisions, Kelio has developed a dedicated leave management module.

Leave request approval

Kelio dispenses with the need to process paper leave requests. Once an employee has entered a request for leave into Kelio, his/her manager receives an alert by email. He/she then:

  • Logs on to Kelio.
  • Views the leave request.
  • Views the section's leave schedule.
  • Checks the employee's leave balance by type (paid leave, 35-hour week, time saving account, seniority leave, etc.).
  • Accepts or refuses the leave request.

The employee is immediately notified by email if their leave request has been accepted or refused.

Viewing your team's leave schedule

Managers can access their team's leave schedule and view:

  • Approved leave requests.
  • Leave requests awaiting approval.
  • Leave requests awaiting deletion.


Case Study

Logo Eckes Granini
"Our employees have really taken to this solution, which says a lot about the project's success." Anne Depardon, Assistant HRH.

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