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Virtual Clocking Terminal

What if your PCs could be used as virtual clocking terminals?

With the virtual clocking terminal, your staff can use their workstation, smartphone or a touchscreen terminal to track their working hours. With a single click, they can log their arrival and departure times and calculate their actual working hours.

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Time and Attendance made easy thanks to the virtual clocking terminal

On the Kelio Intranet virtual clocking terminal, your staff can clock in directly from their PCs:

  • Their time in post (clocking in and clocking out times)
  • Their external assignments (on-site intervention, delegations, etc.)
  • Their time out for breaks
  • Their activities and cost centres
  • Managers on a fixed rate can also notify their attendance during the day without logging the hours or time worked

Individual employees can also access their detailed individual results and very easily monitor changes to their balance,  total hours worked, daily or hourly rate, etc., using Kelio Intranet.

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PC-based clocking terminal, an HR innovation

Forget the old-style clocking systems, Bodet Software now brings you a Time and Attendance solution with a PC-based clocking terminal.

  • Economical: the virtual clocking terminal is installed directly on your existing PCs, in addition to or instead of any physical clocking terminals.
  • Rapid: as you don't need to install physical clocking terminals, you also save time in setting up the clocking system.
  • Practical: a single platform for all of your staff.
  • Straightforward: no need to worry about badge management.
  • Intuitive: the virtual clocking terminal interface is very user-friendly and does not require any training.
  • Universal: can also be used on touchscreen terminals and smartphones.
  • Innovative: available in SaaS (Software as a Service).


Virtual clocking terminal - clocking software - Kelio

Kelio's advantages

  • Real-time clocking
  • Information and individual results available in real time, in a simple and easy-to-view format
  • Available in SaaS mode

Case Studies

Transparent real time information accessible for both employers and employees

IECH chose to adopt Bodet Software's virtual clocking terminal
"We have  improved transparency for our staff. They can access their data at any time and can view their annual schedule or paid leave, for example. "

Cyril Gilgenkrantz
Director of Operations in charge of HR.


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