Virtual clocking in via intranet


What if your PCs could be used as virtual clocking-in systems?

virtual-clocking-in virtual-clocking-in-absence-planing


  • Short setup time
  • Simple to use
  • Accessible on touch terminal and smartphone.

With the virtual Intranet clocking-in system, your employees can use their workstation, Smartphone or a touch terminal to keep track of their working hours. With just a single click, they can log their arrival and departure times and calculate the hours they have worked.


Time and attendance management made easy using the intranet virtual clocking-in system

The Kelio Intranet virtual clocking terminal makes it very easy for your personnel to log:

  • The time they spend at work (arrival and departure times).
  • Their projects (teams, etc.).
  • Their breaks.
  • Their activities and cost centres.

Each employee can also access their personal data and track credit and debit hours easily.


Additional functionality for decentralising certain HR functions

In addition to virtual clocking-in, with Kelio Intranet you can empower employees and managers to perform certain HR tasks such as leave management and employee record data consultation.


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