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Kelio Visio X4 and X7 clocking terminals

Revolutionize working time and activity clockings with communicating, tactile and collaborative terminals

Move beyond conventional clocking: Kelio Visio is a multi-purpose, scalable and connected clocking terminal that simplifies internal processes such as declaring attendance, checking accounts, tracking absence requests, opening access points, exchanging messages with colleagues and HR, greeting a new visitor, collecting new ideas and much more. Everything is possible with Kelio Visio!


Visio X4 X7 clocking terminal

kelio visio touchscreen clocking terminal logoReinventing Time & Attendance Management

The new Kelio Visio terminals are the result of a near-impossible challenge: to design a new clocking terminal in keeping with the ever-changing requirements of Human Resources departments.

To achieve this challenge, Bodet Software had to rethink and reinvent the clocking terminal, designing a communicating terminal that features new services and new uses.

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Improved design

The intelligent design of the Kelio Visio X7 terminal has been recognised by the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Featuring 4- and 7-inch touchscreens, the Kelio Visio X4 and X7 terminals lend a new, modern image to your organisation.

Your employees will enjoy using these terminals to clock in every morning.

touchscreen clocking terminal reddot logo

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kelio visio connected clocking terminal

Better connected

To meet a need for greater flexibility, Kelio Visio now offers three installation modes - Ethernet, Wifi, GSM - to adapt to different configurations.

scalable kelio visio clocking terminal

More scalable

Bodet Software has revolutionised the use of clocking terminals, offering a range of applications known as Bodet Apps.
The Kelio Visio X4 and X7 terminals are scalable to keep pace with your organisation's development.

Whether logging attendance time, submitting absence requests or viewing results, the applications are fully adaptable to your requirements.

You can build your terminal integrating all the functions you need, so it is easy and intuitive to use.

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kelio visio intuitive clocking terminal

More intuitive

With intuitive and logical ergonomics, the new Kelio X4 and X7 Time and Attendance management terminals improve the efficiency of your day-to-day tasks.

No in-depth training is needed to operat all the functions on these new terminals, as they are very easy to master.

The clocking area is easy to identify with its animated luminous halo.

The touchscreen makes for browsing easy.
The clocking results are easily accessible in real time.

More user-friendly

The Kelio Visio X4 and X7 terminals are highly customisable: you can install the applications relevant to you and personalise the screen graphics to match your company's colour scheme.

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