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Smartphone clocking terminal

The smartphone clocking terminal is an easy way for mobile staff to declare working time

The Bodet Software application suite has a clocking solution that can be used directly from a smartphone, which is very convenient for mobile staff.

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Clocking by smartphone

Features of the smartphone clocking terminal 

With the mobile phone clocking terminal, your staff can:

  • Clock their working time in real time and notify attendance
  • Declare time spent on activities and cost centres
  • Manage their team's working time by clocking for a third party
  • Geolocate mobile staff clockings
  • Manage their leave: view the balance, request leave and validate leave requests
  • View the credit/debit balance of their working hours at any time
Clocking terminal on iPhone and Android mobile phone

Mobile clocking terminal on iPhone and Android

  • App certified for iOS, Android and other smartphone operating systems 
  • Intelligent ergonomics for smartphones
  • Clocking terminal for working time in line with data protection regulations

With the same functions as the Visio clocking terminal, Kelio Mobile offers all the Kelio features from a smartphone.

Clocking by mobile phone - Kelio Intranet Mobile

Why choose Kelio Mobile?

With Kelio Mobile, you can monitor the attendance time of mobile staff, particularly useful in sectors such as maintenance, home services, construction or security.

The simple economical mobile clocking solution can be directly integrated into your organisation's existing smartphones.

Clocking via Kelio Mobile reliably records staff attendance time.

It offers the same functionality for fixed and mobile staff, standardising and promoting equal treatment of staff in your organisation.

I'd like to monitor the attendance time of mobile staff!”

Case Studies

Simplify absence management for mobile staff

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"Kelio Mobile was very quickly adopted by our mobile staff, who are eager to have easy-to-use mobile solutions that simplify their day-to-day lives. "

Catherine Virloire
Head of Pay and Staff Benefits.


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