Biometric clocking in machine


Time and attendance management: biometric technology working for companies

Kelio-Visio-X7-Time-and-attendance-terminal-from-Bodet-Software biometric-terminal-kelio-prio


  • Fast return on investment (no badge purchase).
  • Centralisation of enrolment

  • Data security (biometric fingerprint encryption).

  • Reduction of the risk of identity fraud during clocking.

Bodet Software can offer you biometric clocking terminals to complement traditional card or key-based hourly clocking in machines.

We would like to point out that using biometric clocking in machine is subject to legislative regulations. The law varies from country to country; you should check the law applicable in your country before you install a biometric clocking in machine.

Biometric clocking terminals let you get around the constraints related to badges (loss, omission, damage, etc.) and provide employees and human resource managers with high usage comfort.

Biometric clocking terminals

Biometric hourly clocking terminal

The Kelio Visio Biometric clocking terminals have the same characteristics as the Visio badge terminals.

Biometric clocking terminal functionalities:

  • Biometric sensor for finger-based hourly clocking.
  • Reliable and fast fingerprint recognition.

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