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Customised badges for staff and visitors

In partnership with Evolis, Bodet Software offers printers for card badges, so you can customise your access cards or Time & Attendance cards, with corporate image.

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What is a badge for?

The main purpose of a company badge is to identify staff. The badge holder's data is recorded onto the badge and recognised using RFID technology.
Depending on the level of security required, you can match access rights to individual employees or visitors. The RFID badge can also make it easier to manitor staff attendance time, by scanning the badge on the Kelio Visio clocking terminal.

With the Zenius and Tattoo Rewrite printers, you can choose what to print on the card badge. This gives you the option to customise your badges for your staff, or more importantly, your corporate image. There are a number of advantages to using card badges:

  • Rapid identification of staff and/or visitors on our clocking terminals
  • Reduced risk of theft and fraud
  • Enhanced corporate image

Printers for access badges and Time and Attendance management badges

Evolis badge printers are easy to use and produce professional quality badges that meet all your badge customisation needs.

Bodet Sofware offers two printer models to customise your badges:

  • Zenius printer: ideal for high-quality colour or black and white badges
  • Tattoo Rewrite printer: ideal for temporary badges, as you can delete and reprint badges up to 500 times.

These printers are easy to use and have very fast print speeds, so you can issue a customised badge to a new employee on their very first day.

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Why customise your badges?

With customised badges, information about the badge holder is clearly visible: surname, first name, job, department, etc.

It makes it easier to identify your staff and/or visitors and the risk of fraudulent badge use is reduced. You can also enhance your corporate image with customised badges.

Badge customisation has a number of advantages for:

All identification badges in ISO format, regardless of the technology used (RFID, magnetic stripe, etc.), can be customised.


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