Badge customisation


Customise badges for employees and visitors



  • Rapid identification of employees and visitors
  • Reduces risk of theft and fraud
  • Enhances your company's image

The Evolis badge printers are easy to use and produce professional quality badges to meet all your needs in terms of badge customisation.

Bodet Sofware offers 2 printer templates to customise your badges:

  • Zenius printer: ideal for high-quality, colour or monochrome badges.
  • Tattoo Rewrite printer: ideal for temporary badges, as you can delete and reprint badges up to 500 times.

Undeniable benefits

With customised badges, you can straight away see in real-time certain information about the badge's holder: surname, first name, job, section, etc.

It is therefore easier to identify your employees and/or visitors and you limit the risks of fraudulent use of your badges. You can also enhance your company's image with customised badges.


Badge customisation: Multiple uses

Customising badges provides a number of advantages for:

All identification cards in ISO format, regardless of their technology (RFID, magnetic, etc.), can be personalised.