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Clocking terminal - Time clocking terminal

Change the way you view working time data collection with a revolutionary device offering much more than a traditional clocking terminal

Bodet Software designs and manufactures a range of clocking terminals, from a basic model to a touchscreen clocking terminal, plus modern data collection services by PC, terminal and smartphone.


Kelio Visio: more than a clocking terminal

What if your clocking terminal did more than just collecting attendance or activity time data? What if a revolutionary new terminal meant your staff could clock in and out more easily, quickly and safely? What if your clocking terminal was simply more useful for everybody?

Our new Kelio Visio terminals give your staff greater peace of mind and added value. Their interactivity enables:

  • Faultless reading of hours clocked and time counted
  • Guaranteed reliable and verifiable identification: colleagues can no longer clock in or out on behalf of each other
  • High added-value applications such as viewing schedules, submitting absence requests, communicating instructions via messaging, etc.
  • Integration of customisable business processes

The revolutionary new Kelio Visio terminals seamlessly provide all these solutions, making clocking more intuitive, more practical, more reliable and ultimately more enjoyable!

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Traditional uses of a clocking terminal

What is a clocking terminal?

Traditionally, a clocking terminal is used to:

  • Monitor working time, timekeeping and adherence to schedules of each employee
  • Reliably calculate working time
  • Guarantee equal treatment for all staff

Kelio Visio X4 and X7 touchscreen communicating terminals offer a range of HR services that transform clocking terminals into interactive support mechanisms between the organisation and staff, managers and senior management, with instant messaging, absence requests, instructions, online surveys, etc. Set up your terminal to match your organisation's requirements.

Innovative, complementary uses for Kelio Visio clocking terminals

Kelio Visio X7 and Kelio Visio X4 terminals have been designed to support applications related to company life. To meet different requirements, the functions and appearance of the interface are fully customisable. There are many possibilities that will suit your needs:

  • Clocking: allows users to start/end logging their attendance, absence/external assignment or activity
  • Viewing results: configure the real-time display of results viewed by staff – Text or graphic display
  • Absences:  make absence requests – Access the absence calendar, balances and requests
  • Door opening: open a door connected to the terminal
  • Document reader: make documents directly available on the terminal (safety instructions, fire evacuation plan, etc.)
  • Messages: facilitate dialogue within the organisation, viewing and sending messages from the terminal
  • Visitor terminal: greet your visitors with a modern, user-friendly, customisable terminal
  • Survey: set up a survey and invite staff to give their opinions on a given topic
  • Suggestions box: share ideas on a predefined topic or make suggestions
  • Room reservation: optimise meeting room  management - Book rooms on the spot using the schedule – Open and close the room
  • Web: display screens from a given URL address

Watch this video to find out more about the functions of our clocking terminals:

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Why choose Kelio clocking terminals from Bodet Software?

At Bodet Software, we design and manufacture our clocking terminals in-house, from hardware through to software. In this way, we can offer the best possible experience, for you and your staff.

Our clocking terminals have a number of advantages over traditional clocking machines:

  • Connected to the Internet: Kelio clocking terminals allow you to share files, view messages or even request leave via the terminal, without using a computer. A practical solution for staff who don't use a PC at work.
  • Modern and intuitive: from the touchscreen to the automatic display of your self-service page when you scan your badge, our interface and design have won the Red Dot Design Award.
  • User-friendly: customise your background and the available applications.
  • Regulations: our clocking terminals and software are designed to meet security requirements, in line with current regulations.
  • Expertise in time-related activity: Bodet Software has been a time management specialist for over 30 years.

How to choose your clocking terminal?

Physical or digital clocking terminal?

One of these will suit your needs... or perhaps both! Kelio Visio professional clocking terminals are fully compatible with Kelio Time & Attendance management software. You can clock your working time on the terminal, on your smartphone or from your self-service page on your computer.

How many staff are there in my organisation?

Before introducing a physical clocking system, you also need to consider your staffing levels and the size of your organisation, to identify suitable sites and clocking points.

The Kelio clocking terminals range is designed and scaled to suit all sizes of organisation, meaning you can install one or more terminals on near or distant sites.

Clocking terminal for Very Small Businesses: we have invented a one-stop clocking solution called TimeBox for organisations with fewer than 10 employees.

Find out about TimeBox

Kelio access clocking terminal and access badge

Kelio Visio X7: the clocking terminal that also controls access

access badge manage badge access

Compatible with our Access Control solution, the Kelio Visio clocking terminal can be installed as a badge reader to give access to your staff, simplifying staff managment with its 2-in-1 operation: Time clocking and access management. The Kelio Visio terminal is also convenient when installed at the door of your meeting rooms, so you can check actual room occupancy or book the room directly on the terminal.

touchscreen reception clocking terminal Modernise your visitor reception process

The Kelio Visio touchscreen clocking terminal greets visitors for you. They identify themselves or scan their QR codes to gain authorised access and sign in and out just with their finger. Beyond any practical considerations, it also modernises the image visitors have of your company.

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