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Congreso de Escuelas Católicas de Madrid - November 2018

Logo Bodet SoftwareOur subsidiary Bodet Spain participated from 22nd to 24th November at the " Congreso de Escuelas Católicas de Madrid ", congress of the Catholic Schools in Madrid.
This 4th edition took place at the Nave Boetticher in Madrid, where more than 43 exhibitors were present to promote equipments of new technologies intended to High schools.
This exhibition, dedicated to more than 600 Catholic schools, aims to demonstrate how to change the perspective of the educational model and to provide keys for improvement according to the vision of 'users'.
"Innovate, how to innovate and why do it?” This is the motto for facing the challenges of the future.

More than 25 educational institutions in Madrid are already using our Bodet solutions for time management within their premises, some other schools have also shown a strong interest in our access control solutions.

Salon des ecoles Madrid 18