Time & Attendance solutions

Bodet Software in the Congo

Bodet Software continues to grow its presence in the Congo. It recently took part in the ‘Show Room’ event in conjunction with its partner OFIS in Brazzaville. About 50 local companies were invited to the event which took place in January 2014. They were able to meet with organisations which offer Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions and discuss issues such as absence control, handling overtime hours and personal data management.

It was clear that Bodet Software’s Time and Attendance solutions were of great interest to the attendees to enable them improve how they manage their workforce.

Seminaire Congo

Mr Florent Ernest Madzou, Assistant Director of HR at MUCODEC, pointed out some of the challenges of managing its workforce. ‘We have 500 employees across several sites. Managing the hours they are working and the access to our offices is not an easy task. That’s why we are interested in both the Time and Attendance and Access Control Solutions offered by Bodet Software’.

Click here to find out more info about our partner OFIS which offers Bodet Software’s solutions locally: www.ofis-computer.com