Visitor management


A visitor management system integrated into an access control solution is essential for organisations accessible to visitors



  • Easy identification of the visitors
  • Visit planning
  • Visit traceability

Visitor Management is integrated into the access management software Kelio Protect and Kelio Security.

Controlling visitor access rights

Visitors are given the right to access certain areas and not others.This helps maintain your building access security.

Knowing who's in the building

In the event of a fire alarm, you know exactly who is present in your building, including visitors.

Keeping track of movements within your organisation

In the event of a problem, you have a record of the movements of your visitors in a particular building. You can also graphically view the visits and print visitor sheets printable with visit history. For each visitor, you can fill in a comprehensive and customisable data sheet.

Planning visit

Your employees can plan their visits and facilitate visitor reception:

  • Pre-registering of visits by people authorised to receive visitors.
  • Planned visits viewed according to type (current, future, cancelled, completed).
  • Printout visit file with signature option.

Identifying visitors

Visitors wear a customised badge for easy identification. You can pre-register several printing templates and launch grouped or single printing. With Kelio Visitor, you can distribute identification badges and manage their return.


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