Access control equipments


Striking plates, suction pads, smart locks, barriers, single passage equipment and other door control accessories for effective access control

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Equipments-Access-control-Pedestrian-passages Equipments-Access-control-Pivoting-gates Equipments-Access-control-Bar-turnstiles

An access control system needs several items of door control equipment to guarantee access security for buildings.

The Kelio Protect and Kelio Security access control applications pilot a whole range of door control equipment:


The barriers that are used to manage vehicle access are piloted by Kelio Protect and Kelio Security access control software.

Smart locks

The electro-mechanical locks selected feature an access reader which simplifies cabling and reduces installation costs. They are connected and piloted by the access control software.

Suction pads

The suction pads operate by electromagnetic current and offer push resistances from 250 kg to several tonnes. They are easy to install for existing doors. Access is by current break.

Electric striking plates / door openers (TM) / strikes

The electric strikes are a component of the electro-mechanical locks. Access is by current break or transmission.

Single passage equipment for pedestrians

Numerous items of equipment or "obstacles" are used to guarantee that when the access control system grants access authorisation (following identification), only the person authorised can cross the obstacle: security turnstile (bar turnstile), tripod turnstile, passage security corridor, pivoting gate.

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