Access control hardware

Door openers, door releases, intelligent locks, barrier arms, swing gates, single-file access equipment and door control accessories, for effective access control

An access control system needs a combination of door control equipment in order to ensure secure access to buildings. The Kelio Protect and Kelio Security access control software controls an entire range of equipment for controlling doors and access points.

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full-height rotor turnstile – access control

Full-height rotor turnstile

Single-file equipment for pedestrians

Full-height rotor turnstiles provide a high level of security for single-file walk-through crossing points.

They are particularly suitable for securing a site entrance or for controlling access to specific secure areas, both external and internal. They are firmly anchored to the ground.

They can be configured to manage traffic flows in one direction or in both directions.

tripod turnstile – access control

Tripod turnstile

Tripod turnstiles guarantee secure entry to certain areas of buildings. More compact than full-height rotor turnstiles, they control single-file access for pedestrians.

They are particularly well suited to high-traffic reception environments and help to control traffic flow (one entry at a time).

Tripod turnstiles are activated by an access reader that can be fitted directly to the turnstile or controlled remotely. When the access control system grants entry, the turnstile opens the access point for the visitor or employee.

Secure fast lane – access control

Secure fast lane

Secure fast lanes allow single entry to specific access areas located inside buildings, whilst allowing pedestrian traffic to flow freely (traffic flow up to twice as fast as a tripod turnstile).

They provide a high level of security, and are easily integrated within the building architecture with their clean lines and discrete aesthetics.

Their floor space varies according to model, although is optimised in terms of the speed of access provided.

Barrier arms, access security

Barrier arms

Access control for vehicles

Barriers are used to manage vehicle access. They can be controlled from Kelio Protect and Kelio Security access control software.

Different formats are available to ensure suitability with the configuration of your external spaces:

  • automatic road barrier
  • up and over gates
  • slide beams
  • retractable barriers
Door release, access control hardware

Door release units

Door security

Door release units are easy to install and can be fitted to existing doors (wooden, metal, gated, etc.). They are comprised of two parts: a door release unit to be installed on the frame of the door and a plate to be placed on the front of the door panel.

Door release units are operated by electromagnetic current. When on, the two parts of the door release unit are "stuck" together (electromagnet). The access request triggers a break in the current which then unlocks the door.

Door release units have a push resistance of between 250 kg and several tonnes.

Different access readers can be connected to a door release system: badge access reader, code keypad, push button, etc.

electric door opener, security & access control

Electric door openers

Lock security

Electric door openers are a component of electromechanical locks. They are easy to install and provide a more secure version of the standard door lock.

The advantage of this mechanism is that it can be worked remotely. Access is granted by interrupting or applying current.


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