Room booking system


With Kelio, simplify your meeting room reservations

kelio-visio-room-booking-systemDespite the use of Outlook to manage the meeting room reservations, there are still many double reservations and room use is not optimised. A reserved room is often already occupied or not being used at all.

Our smart terminals Kelio Visio X4 and X7, installed at the entrance of each room, enable you to control access, make bookings at the door or consult meeting room information in real time.


Simplified Meeting Room Management

The gateway between Outlook® and our Kelio access control solutions enables your company to improve reservation management.

The information for your meetings organised using Outlook® is automatically communicated to our Kelio solution. The Visio touchscreen terminals display the current reservations in real time.

In order to optimise the use of the meeting rooms, you can close a meeting if it ends earlier and free up the room for another reservation.


Secured access to meeting rooms

With Kelio Reservation, you can secure access to your meeting room. The video projectors or other high-value equipment are safe: if the room is reserved, only the organiser and participants can open it with a badge.


Direct reservation on the touchscreen terminal at the room's entrance

A Kelio touch terminal installed at the meeting room entrance enables you to consult the meeting room's availability in real time. If it is free, you can make a reservation directly on the Kelio Visio touch terminal and invite participants. They will receive a notification in their Outlook® calendar.

Then, you just have to enter your meeting hours and start working!




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