Access supervision


Kelio Security, global access supervision

Kelio-Security-gate Kelio Security building plan


  • 2D/3D graphical supervision
  • Real time alerts
  • Auto events management

The Kelio Security access management, control and supervision solution comes into its own when you have a large number of accesses to control.

Kelio Security offers numerous access control and security functionalities:

  • Access authorisation managed by authorised zone for the user, authorisation planning for the user ans access authorisation planning
  • Graphical building supervision in 2D/3D for immediate display of areas with alarms and the actions taken in real time.
  • Real time counting of the number of people per area or counting of the number of vehicles in a car park.
  • Piloting the start up of the intruder alarm system.
  • Auto events and alarms management according to access events (ligthing, heating and other automated facilities)
  • Visitor management.
  • Building and access modelling according to the levels of security required.
  • Alert transmission by SMS or emails in case of access events (unusual door opening, use of distress code...).
  • Rules and authorisations stored in the concentrator to allow autonomous operations even when the server is disconnected.
  • Traceability of all of the access control system events to enable customised access monitoring.
  • Integration of the access supervision system with time management solutions: building access is determined by schedules and absence plannings.


Case Study

"We chose Kelio Security because its technology (web interface) and features were one step ahead. Bodet Software also had the stronger hand for its value for money." Nicolas Pellegrin, IT Security Manager.

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