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Access control and supervision

Control access to your buildings and secure your organisation

Kelio Protect and Kelio Security, comprehensive hardware and software solutions for securing access to your premises.

Access controlOur references

An ergonomic access control system

An ergonomic access control system

The management, control and security of access to your buildings requires taking a number of parameters into account:

  • The flow of people or vehicles
  • The desired levels of security in the different areas of your buildings
  • Management of customisable access rights, according to a number of variables : days worked, schedules, plannings, levels of responsibility, etc.

Bodet Software's access control software, Kelio Protect and Kelio Security, is intuitively ergonomic, making it fast to adopt and easy to customise.

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Kelio Protect: centralised, highly secure management of your access points

Kelio Protect access management software has a large number of features:

  • Access management by security level
  • Management of individuals by authorisation profile, authorised areas and schedules
  • Logging of events (authorisations and denied access)
  • Door contacts management
  • Anti-passback management
  • Adapted timeout for people with reduced mobility
  • Ability to open an access point using the software or remotely from a smartphone
  • Autonomous operation autonomously if disconnected from the server, as the rules and authorisations are recorded in the concentrator unit

The software is compatible with a wide range of access readers, access hardware and video surveillance hardware offered by Bodet Software.

Secure access management
3D graphic – Access control and security for buildings

Kelio Security: total real-time supervision of your access points 

If you have a large number of access points to control, the Kelio Security software offers additional features for controlling, managing and supervising these access points, together with Kelio Protect, which monitors your buildings in real time:

  • Graphic 2D/3D building surveillance, offering immediate visibility of alarm areas, plus live actions or decision 
  • Visual alerts (flashing visuals, pop-ups, etc.) for a specific event : door left open, power cut, alarm activated, duress code, etc.
  • Display of individual identification files when passing through access control
  • Real-time identification of the number of people present per area or the number of vehicles in a car park
  • Sending alerts by SMS or email in the event of abnormal opening of an access point, duress code entered, etc.
  • Traceability of access control events
  • Activation of the intrusion alarm system
  • Real-time management of hardware components within the access control installation : concentrator, access readers, doors, barrier arms, swing gates and gates.
Kelio, access control integrated in the Time & Attendance solution

Access control integrated in the Time & Attendance solution

Kelio Protect and Kelio Security integrate natively with Bodet Software's Time & Attendance solutions, offering a simpler way to manage access.

Access to sites or buildings is conditional on:

  • work schedules
  • absence plannings
  • individual user schedules

An employee profile can be created in the Time & Attendance or Access management module. It is duplicated from one module to the next, automatically or on request, adapting to the procedures in place in each organisation.

A communicating access control system

Kelio software and hardware manage auto controls for you. Access control events can actually determine specific functions:

  • Turn on lighting automatically when an access point is opened
  • Set the alarm at last clocking
  • Power on the heating or air conditioning
  • Activate the alarms
  • Home and building automation systems (BAS)
  • Open window detector
  • Control of electrical machinery
  • And other automated management

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list of people present in the event of a fire alarm

Print a list of people present in the event of a fire alarm (FES)

When fire alarms are triggered, you can use Kelio Protect and Kelio Security software solutions to automatically print lists of staff present. These lists can be launched as print jobs or sent by email.

To simplify the headcount process, these lists can group staff by assembly point, site or building, specifing the number of staff.

To set up accurate fire alarm management, equip the site access points with single-person barriers such as tripod turnstiles, speed gates, glazed fast lanes, full-height turnstile gates, etc.

 Kelio's Advantages

  • Easier management of user profiles and rights
  • Traceability and logging of access control events
  • Supervision and alerts in real time
  • Access control system fully integrated with the Time & Attendance solution
  • Wide range of compatible access hardware
  • Can be combined with a video surveillance system
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