Access control by Smartphone

Transform your mobile phone into a tool for controlling access to your premises

You can't always be physically present whenever the need arises to manage or supervise access to buildings, which is why our Kelio access control solutions are also available as a mobile version.

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access control by Smartphone

Opening access points by Smartphone

Kelio Mobile Access is an access control solution for smartphones, which is used to:

  • Open access points directly from your smartphone.
  • Specify the incoming person and the reason for opening.
  • Manage your favourite access points for speed of use.

With Kelio Mobile Access, you achieve greater flexibility in managing your access points.

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A simpler way to manage your visitors

Kelio Mobile Access is used to transmit information and to organise appointments (external staff, expected visitors, deliveries, maintenance workers, etc.).
The visitor receives a form to fill in and then a unique QR code. The visitor simply scans this QR code directly onto the Kelio Visio terminal from their smartphone in order to gain entry. It couldn't be easier!

The form contains information detailing:

  • The date and time of the visit
  • The internal contact person hosting the visit
  • Customisable information as required: safety instructions, sizing for protective clothing (PPE) on industrial sites, etc.
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Kelio Mobile Access – QR code
Kelio Mobile Access – fire evacuation

Supervise your fire evacuation from your smartphone

Kelio has come up with a new way of executing fire drills and evacuations:
During a fire alarm, the various individuals present on-site gather at the meeting points and indicate their attendance there by clocking in on the access readers installed for this purpose. These readers, which rely on an access control system, automatically count the evacuated individuals on the head count list.

Using Kelio Mobile, the security managers and the ‘rear guard’ check the list of individuals included in the head count and track the clockings in real time on their smartphones . An account automatically decrements the number of remaining individuals to be checked and their identities.

  • If an employee does not have their badge, the managers can count them manually.
  • If a staff member has clocked in at a different head count point, the list is instantly shared between the various evacuation coordinators.

At the end of the exercise, the security manager accesses the statistical data and a performance history.

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