Access management software

Access control management software

Kelio Protect, an access management and control system


  • Integrates Kelio time management
  • Centralised access control management
  • Traceability

Organising the management, control and access security for your buildings requires several parameters to be taken into account: the flow of people or vehicles, the levels of security required in the different areas of your buildings and management of visitors or external operators.

Kelio Protect is a centralised, highly secure access management application with a wide range of functionalities:

  • Access control with programmable safety levels.
  • Employee management via authorisation profiles.
  • Historical management of events.
  • Management of door contacts.
  • Management of anti pass-back.
  • Print out of people present for fire evacuation.
  • Controlled opening of an access door via software.
  • Real time piloting of the hardware elements in the access control installation: concentrator, access readers, door control, barrier, gateway and portal opening.


The Web ergonomy of Kelio Protect enables quick start of the access management and control solution.

The native integration of the access control system with the time and attendance management solutions simplify the access management: the schedules and absence plannings set the conditions for accessing buildings.


Case Study

Logo Girard Agediss
"The joint operation of Kelio Optima and Kelio Protect makes it easier to secure access to our building because access authorisation is based on schedules and absences ."

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