Access control and security

Protect your premises against malicious activity and tighten security in the workplace

The access control system Kelio Access provides you with a simple means of controlling and safeguarding access to your company premises.

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Complete access control software

Why use an access control solution

Using an access control system allows you to:

  • Protect your buildings, property and goods
  • Prevention intrusion by unauthorised persons
  • Avoid and deter malicious activity
  • Safeguard your personnel
  • Reduce your insurance premiums or damage-related costs
Access control and access security

Kelio Access: the complete system for controlling access to buildings

Bodet Software offers a comprehensive system to control access and to safeguard your premises, allowing you to:

  • Control and filter access
  • Specify customised access rights
  • Set access rights in relation to your employees' work schedule, by linking in with Time and Attendance management
  • List all persons present on site in the event of an incident
  • Supervise buildings using video surveillance
  • Manage energy usage, in line with authorised access and working time

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A turnkey solution for safeguarding buildings

Bodet Software can assist you with safeguarding your premises with its turnkey solution, combining equipment, software and services:

  • Software design
  • Manufacturing of access hardware
  • Audit of requirements
  • On-site installation
  • Coordination of project works
  • Staff training
  • Building awareness of issues regarding CNIL / GDPR
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Telephone support service based in France

The Bodet Software teams are trained in all aspects of project analysis and fulfilment for your security and access control projects.

Access security software

A modular access control solution, closely aligned to your requirements

Kelio Access is suitable for organisations of all sizes and business sectors, regardless of the level of security required: agrifood standards, Seveso, high-security buildings, etc.

Bodet Software offers a modular, scaleable solution:

  • Multi-site service provision, supervised centrally
  • Security software compatible with multiple readers, access control hardware and video surveillance equipment
  • Adaptable solution in line with the development of your sites over time.

With over 30 years' experience, Bodet Software can guarantee reliable and long-lasting service.

An easy-to-use software that fulfils new security requirements

Bodet Software has developed a fully customisable, user-friendly solution, with additional modules to fit with your own security policy and new use cases:

  • With Kelio Visitors, you can manage temporary access rights for your visitors – temporary staff, delivery workers, external parties, etc. – and receive notification of their arrival.
  • With Kelio Room Reservation, you have an easy way to manage reservations for your meeting rooms and to safeguard the equipment kept in them.
  • With Kelio Access by smartphone, you can manage your access points from your smartphone.
access control readers and hardware

A full range of access hardware and readers

Bodet Software offers a wide range of readers and access hardware that is compatible with its own software solutions, in order to satisfy the requirements of all types of organisation:

  • Access readers
  • Biometric readers
  • Intelligent locks, electric door openers, door releases
  • Turnstiles, barrier gates
  • Gate, external barriers
  • Video surveillance hardware
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