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  • Reliable follow-up of working hours
  • Automatic calculation of variable payroll elements
  • Multi-company time and attendance management

The Kelio range of working hours management software meets the requirements of HR managers. Kelio Optima, Kelio Integral and Kelio Prima provide specialist time and attendance management solutions to suit any size workforce.

Identity file

To simplify the administration of personnel, the Time and Attendance file enables you to use and save a comprehensive set of records: personal and professional data, health, career, training...

Some oh these records can be modified directly by the employees from their personnal workspace on Kelio Intranet (depending of their rights).

Time and attendance management

With Kelio time and attendance management software, you can automate employee attendance tracking and collect data on working hours using clocking-in systems (physical or virtual).

The system calculates all variable payroll elements. Kelio softwares are compatible with more than 140 payroll software.

With Kelio, you can manage easily regular or shift work, bonuses, overtime totals, special hours, annualisation of working time...

With Kelio, you can create different settings and configurations to meet your needs of multi-company or multi-convention time and attendance management

Job costing

Kelio Analytics enables you to integrate activity management into your time and attendance solution. Working hours can be allocated on a project, a customer or an activity.


The planning area lets you scroll through schedules according to regulatory, personal and collective constraints.

HR reporting

With Kelio softwares, you have all the necessary datas to create customisable reports for a better monitoring of time and attendance : time totals, accounts and balances.