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5 years of R&D and around €5M of investment were necessary to develop the new Time and Attendance software of Bodet Software (Kelio One and Kelio Pro), which offers a user-based approach. The new Kelio Time and Attendance Software features an intuitive and natural interface with screens matched to HR departments' Time and Attendance management tasks.


Time & Attendance Management

Kelio's Time and Attendance Management applications include all the features you need to monitor working time reliably and efficiently: Individual employee file, multiple schedules,clockings, breaks, absences, bonuses, etc. With Kelio, you can manage your employees' working time very easily, whatever type of schedules you have: weekly schedules, shift-based or cyclic schedules, annualised hours. Using the data collected from the clockings, Kelio's Time and Attendance management applications:

  • automatically calculate overtime, special hours, bonuses.
  • warn you in real-time of any anomalies: late arrivals, absences, early departures, break times not respected.

Kelio's applications also enable you to manage multi-entity, multi-site and multi-collective agreement time & attendance management issues.

Job Costing Management

Kelio Analytics enables you to integrate activity management into your Time and Attendance solution. Working hours can be allocated on a project, a customer or an activity. This type of monitoring makes it easier to calculate cost prices, bill final customers and implement a cost accounting system.

Human Resource Planning

Kelio's applications enable you to optimise your human resource planning by drawing up optimised schedules that take into account workloads, employees' skills, planned absences, as well as regulatory, personal and collective constraints.

Reporting RH

Kelio Report provides customisable reports to help your HR department preparing your company accounts: absenteeism rate, change in absenteeism by gender/age/department, level of seriousness for accidents, accident frequency rate, age pyramid… And for companies that want to have customised HR reports, Kelio Data provides a powerful data warehouse that enables you to use your own decision-making tools.

Payroll Software Interface

The Kelio Paylink module puts an end to double entries, by automatically transferring the variable payroll elements (overtime, night hours, bonuses, meal vouchers, etc.) calculated by your Kelio Time and Attendance management software to your payroll software. Kelio Paylink therefore makes payroll calculations quicker and more reliable. Kelio Paylink allows an automatic transfer of variable payroll elements calculated from Kelio time and attendance software to your payroll software. Kelio solutions may interface with more than 140 payroll softwares such as: Sage, ADP, Cegid, Sopra, Sigma Informatique, Meilleure Gestion, Divalto, EBP, Talentia Software.