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Kelio On Demand Express, the time and attendance software Kelio on SaaS mode

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  • Highly secure data centre
  • Short setup time
  • Budget control

SAAS time and attendance management: simplicity and security

When you choose Kelio On Demand Express, SaaS (Software as a Service) time and attendance management, you choose simplicity:

  • A simple Internet connection is enough to use the SaaS time and attendance management software.
  • Users can connect to the application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wherever they are working.
  • The range of Kelio software is installed on servers in our data centre. The technical infrastructure is covered by Bodet Software. You don't need to worry about servers, databases, backups, security or anything else.
  • The SaaS economic model is based on a unique monthly rental. It does not require any investment or fixed assets.
  • Kelio On Demand Express is installed in a highly secure data centre : data encryption, daily data backup, access control system to the premises...

 Kelio On Demand Express is a tried and tested, secure SaaS time and attendance management solution that can be accessed simply via the Internet. You will benefit from a short setup time and the latest technology and functionality of Kelio.

Kelio on demand express, a comprehensive time and attendance solution

Kelio On Demand offers all the possibilities of the Kelio range:

  • Time and Attendance management.
  • Automated variable payroll element calculation and transfer.
  • Absence and leave management.
  • Work schedule management.
  • Staff planning.
  • Working time recording by clock, clocking in machine, virtual clock, declaration mode or telephone.
  • Job costing management.

Kelio On Demand is an SaaS time and attendance management application that is targeted at companies and public authorities of all sizes.